Fina » Overviewdesigned by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

Fina represents just how far the limits of bent plywood technology can be pushed by using a thinner shell than ever before. Its incredibly thin shell contributes to a look of elegance and allows for more flexibility in the back. User comfort is further enhanced with a waterfall edge along the front of the seat.

Shells are available in one of three constructions. The first option is a bent plywood core in oak or beech. The second option is a combination of solid colored polypropylene plastic or polypropylene plastic on the front and glossy plastic on the back in five different colors. Finally Fina is offered in a fully upholstered, padded shell.

The base options for Fina include four-leg, sled, and cantilevered designs. With so many configurations to choose from, users can tailor Fina to meet a variety of functionalities.