Prat » Overview

With Prat there is no fuss or clutter to hinder the beauty and sleekness of its design. This table has a broad range of functions from conference rooms to cafés.

One of Davis’s most highly customizable pieces, there is a multitude of options for Prat. Available in bar height, the simplistic design complements any of Davis’s barstools. In a collaborative or café setting, the Prat bench is available with a matching finish or an upholstered cushion. Perfect for conference rooms, this staple piece can fit any design scheme with a vast range of standard finish options including all standard Davis laminates; Beech, Maple, Oak, Walnut, and Zebrano veneers; or a pristine white acrylic. After repeated custom requests to make Prat span longer distance, the Davis Design Team came up with a specialized T-leg to maintain Prat’s aesthetic while opening up the door for bigger Prat tables.

The beauty of Prat comes from its ability to be anything you want it to be. Featuring mitered joints, the excellent craftsmanship—as with all Davis products—sets Prat above and beyond anything else.