A-Chair Gets an Addition

A-Chair Gets an Addition

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A-Chair Gets an Addition

A minimalistic, no-nonsense design by jehs+laub, the A-Chair is the ideal side chair. This eye-catching design became a fast favorite among Davis products after its release in 2015.

The new A-Chair addition is a monochromatic plastic arm offered on plastic base chairs. This new arm design is a more cost-effective option with a stylish new design. The arm is a single, uninterrupted extension of the base. It is offered for all four base colors: Clay, Stone, Ice, and Lava. The monochromatic arm design includes a plastic arm cap which is also offered in the four plastic base colors. This arm cap can match the base for a true monochromatic look or can be specified as a contrasting pop of color.

A-Chair lifestyle

Until now, the A-Chair has been offered in an armless version and a black resin arm version. The black resin arm was intended for easy linking of the chairs, designed like a temporary ganging device. This arm design is still available for plastic base and aluminum base chairs.

A-Chair collage

The new arm design is included in our A-Chair price list, available for download on the A-Chair page. You can also check out new images of the monochromatic arm design along with the classic A-Chair versions.

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