Brace by jehs+laub

Brace by jehs+laub

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Brace by jehs+laub

The Brace table collection is the latest addition to Davis Furniture’s robust solid wood offering, designed by the German duo jehs+laub. Brace seamlessly blends the technological precision of modern design with a celebration of solid wood’s unique, natural characteristics.

Ranging in size and shape from small meeting to large conference, Brace strikingly adapts to any interior through a mastery of angles and proportion.

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“Brace is a melody of intelligent design and solid wood artistry.” - jehs+laub

Brace’s architectural legs form a minimalist base for this statement piece. Each leg unites at the floor and then splits into a fork which connects to the underside of the table.

Constructed from either binary steam bent solid wood or dual 3/8" angled solid steel, this sculptural foundation creates an element that is both physically and visually strong while maintaining an air of lightness and delicacy.

The name Brace was inspired by this detail, lending a perfect balance between the table’s aesthetic and structure.

The round, metal leg Brace table is shown here with Sachet chairs.

Over the last decade, Davis has developed a line of solid wood furniture for the American contract market, illustrating a commitment to sustainable harvesting practices and craftsmanship.

Available in solid oak or walnut, each Brace table begins as a single-sourced trunk consciously chosen at the end of its lifecycle. Trees up to a hundred years old are selected within European forests and are aptly granted new life with this product.

As the timber is harvested, two saplings are planted in order to continue the legacy of their predecessor. Once the logs are processed, great care is taken to guarantee that any unusable elements of the trunk are used in a purposeful manner to ensure a zero-waste harvest.

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The Davis solid wood collection includes: X2, TIX, and Brace conference tables.

The solid wood used in the manufacturing of these tables is as distinctive and unique as the design itself. When asked about Brace, jehs+laub spoke to this new collection as such, “Brace is a melody of intelligent design and solid wood artistry.”  Each piece exudes the quality and care taken to create an enduring heirloom.

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