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Discover Davis 2023

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Discover Davis 2023

Over the past year, Davis Furniture has continued to seek the best possible design-driven solutions from all over the world. This insatiable desire to discover, engineer and manufacture the best products for our clients stems from our belief that uplifting design solves problems while also improving our lives. By continuing to collaborate with some of our award-winning designers as well as forging new relationships with top design talent including Anderssen & Voll, Stefan Diez and Hanne Willmann - notably our first female designer - Davis is proud to introduce the following nine product collections as well as new Elements for 2023.


by Anderssen & Voll

This inaugural collaboration between the furniture manufacturer and the Norwegian design studio Anderssen & Voll resulted in a stately collection featuring a lounge chair, love seat and sofa. A sculptural silhouette resting upon sleek metal legs, Casen's spirit is articulated through its sophisticated elegance; meanwhile, a balanced tension between these modern yet classic elements create a memorable piece that commands attention in any setting.


by Hanne Willmann

The Vida Collection is the inaugural collection between German designer Hanne Willmann and Davis Furniture. This collection offers solutions that range from occasional to medium and large conference tables. From occasional to conference, each Vida table is grounded by a solid-steel powder-coated base and thin profile top.The result is a robust collection of tables poised to meet the many needs – aesthetic to functional – within a variety of interiors.


by Sebastian Herkner


by Davis Design Team

Sharing the same architectural sensibilities as the Nora Lounge, this latest addition to Davis Furniture's line of storage options encourages designers to incorporate these units through a wide variety of applications within their interiors. Simple aluminum extrusions and square connectors establish this collection's foundation, yet Nora Shelving quickly expands itself through various options.


by Sebastian Herkner

Perle is an understated stacking chair series defined by its subtle design details and high functionality. Perle's humble demeanor is reminiscent of classic European bistro chairs with slim wood backs, seats, and metal frames. Comprised of both arm and armless units, this series is simple and straightforward in its offering and its aesthetic.


by Stefan Diez

Mudra draws upon Europe's rich design history while exploring new state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. The result is an innovative plywood chair with a distinctly curved back and a lively silhouette. The open loop of the back elegantly embraces the user without limiting them to one sitting position. At the same time, Mudra's back is light and elastic, thus yielding resiliently to all movements.


by jehs+laub

Inspired by the smooth, organic forms of a garment flowing in the wind, Cape's stately profile features a uniquely animated silhouette and arm detail that is impossible to overlook. This showpiece of modern design is poised to become an anchoring visual and designer favorite within a variety of modern interiors from corporate, hospitality and even residential. The Cape Collection is perfectly balanced between comfort, form and function.


by jehs+laub

Sleek yet monolithic in its design, each Capas is formed through a variety of seemingly opposing elements that are sure to surprise and impress. Beginning with a playful exploration of solids and voids, each Capas Table transforms itself visually from light to solid and grounded, depending on how the viewer approaches the piece. Capas’ slender edge profile is contrasted with broad surfaces and sweeping arched sides that award each piece with a sense of visual tension.


by jehs+laub

Encapsulating everything needed for the ideal executive and conference chair, Zen Conference's visual language is fluid, precise and dynamic. Beautiful forms catch the eye, and innovative ergonomics create superlative seating comfort. Breathtaking from all angles, Available in high and mid-back options, this collection offers unique upholstery detailing through a sequence of molded foam seat pads inserted within a seamless upholstered border.


Davis Furniture’s medley of Elements enhances modern interiors through a curated collection of internationally-inspired accessories. Elements were designed to add visual intrigue and captivating details to the aesthetics of any space. Now available in a vast range of new colors that thoughtfully complement Davis’ unique color story, Elements provide exceptional functionality and architectural appeal in new and exciting ways.

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