LightWork by Jonathan Prestwich

LightWork by Jonathan Prestwich

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LightWork by Jonathan Prestwich

As the modern workplace advances with new technologies, settings and methods for collaboration, we need furniture that will adapt accordingly. LightWork by London-based designer, Jonathan Prestwich, is a multi-use chair that provides innovative solutions to the ever-changing workplace.

A result of years of collaboration between Prestwich and Davis Furniture, LightWork adapts to the user through a patent pending mechanism hidden within its seat.

Combining LightWork's casual aesthetic with intuitive design, this chair's outer molded plastic shell effortlessly integrates with its upholstered seat and inner concealed mechanism to provide a gentle recline as it supports the user's natural movement and ergonomics.

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“I wanted to make a casual, multi-use chair that was visually striking and simply intuitive for the user.” - Jonathan Prestwich

LightWork's outer shell is offered in six unique plastic colors, specifically chosen by Prestwich to represent a curation of hues.

With four classic, neutral colors and two based on current global trends, LightWork has the option to make a design statement or quietly blend within a space. Matching powder coat options for the base complete LightWork's unique color story.

The inner seat is constructed of molded foam and fully upholstered. Prestwich chose a simple linear aluminum button matching the outer shell to rest in the center of each piece's upholstered back. This unique detail provides the finishing touch to Prestwich's design.

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LightWork's base helps address a variety of seating needs through several distinct designs. The four-pronged elliptical base provides designers with an architectural multi-use option and is constructed in solid wood or steel, perfect for breakout spaces or private offices.

A five-star caster base is perfect for casual conferencing applications and meeting rooms. Finally, the fixed four leg version offers options with casters or glides, making it the ideal choice for training rooms or shared workspaces.

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Jonathan Prestwich
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