A Closer Look: Jürgen Laub + Markus Jehs

Creating iconic favorites like Ginkgo and Ginkgo Lounge, A-Chair, Soft, Tre, Zen, Poise, and Hue, to name from a few, Jehs+Laub are an unstoppable design force.

The dynamic design duo, Jehs+Laub, have been working together, officially, since setting up their studio in 1994. Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub both studied industrial design at the Schwabisch Gmund University in Germany and became friends after an internship in New York in 1990. They graduated in 1992, and soon after, Jehs+Laub was founded.

In the 24 years since co-founding Jehs+Laub, they have designed furniture, tableware, lighting, and interiors, although when asked, Jurgen confirmed, “we both prefer furniture.”

Having partnered with a range of international conpanies including Davis, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Knoll International, Renz, Stelton, Schoenbuch, cor, and Wilkhahn, this designer due has their process down to a science. Communication is a huge key to their success, asking each other the right questions to get to the best possible outcome for each design.

They designed the master concept for Mercedes-Benz showrooms world-wide, and numerous interior design and exhibitions, such as the “suite 606” at the world famous Icehotel in North Sweden. The due has won many international awards for their work.