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Davis Furniture trusts in the power of design. Uplifting design encourages us to look ahead to a promising future filled with infinite potential. More than ever, we believe it is our mission to offer products that are inspiring, intriguing and influential. We recently took a deep dive into how our design-driven products not only set the tone, but also enhance the spaces they occupy and the people who use them. The results range from reimagined classics to various lounge solutions including a new modular collection by jehs+laub and a new designer collaboration with Sebastian Herkner.

We are excited to be releasing the following nine products for NeoCon 2021. See below for a snapshot of each new product.

Tote by Sebastian Herkner 

A light-scale mobile lounge chair, Tote’s design characterizes ease of movement, adaptability and comfort. With a leather handle affixed to the back and concealed casters, Tote freely moves from one space to another. Designed to be used collectively or individually in lobbies, collaborative zones or leisure areas, Tote calmly adapts for quick meetings and conferencing or creating a private space for individual reflection. 

Learn more about Tote.

Sola by Justus Kolberg

Embodying a classic, minimalistic style, Sola has a rich legacy of enhancing conference spaces and executive offices alike. Recently, through evolved manufacturing technologies, this designer favorite has been re-engineered with more comfort in mind. Possessing the same dramatic angles and uninterrupted lines as the classic Sola, this latest development includes a heightened seating experience that will undoubtedly offer users more versatility and support than ever before. 

Learn more about Sola.

Tavo by jehs+laub

Marked by rich character and a striking mix of materials, Tavo’s design is centered around its concrete base, generating a prolific presence with its sculptural shape and neutral aesthetic. Minimal in nature, Tavo’s tabletops are available in a variety of materials, from sustainable solid wood slabs to elegant wood veneers to FENIX® Innovative Materials. Organic shapes meld with intriguing materials adding warmth and character to the workplace through this bold statement piece.  

Learn more about Tavo.

Quad by jehs+laub

Creating space for both solitude and collaboration, Quad brings ideal flexibility to busy work environments. This high back lounge was designed to define and divide spaces depending on how it is arranged, inward for group work or outward for individual time. The inherently geometric design is softened with sloping curves and a comfortable seat, creating a piece that works particularly well in open-plan work settings where teams need isolation and communication in equal parts. 

Learn more about Quad.

Cantina by jehs+laub

Supporting the evolving nature of work today, the Cantina Collection delivers the distinct comfort of lounge seating with the flexibility of a modular seating system. Available in high, mid or backless bench units, Cantina addresses a wide variety of applicational needs through its tailored, modern aesthetic and ideal flexibility. In addition, the 18” seat height allows for seamless pairing with café or laptop tables, perfect for fostering communication and collaboration in the modern workplace. 

Learn more about Cantina.

Riza by jehs+laub

Possessing a unique aesthetic, the Riza Table features a refined style that complements any space. The base design pays careful attention to the scale of the material, with tubular steel legs featuring soft, swooping curves and ending in an elegantly tapered form. The result is a visually light and uncluttered table design that pairs beautifully with a range of applications and seating options.

Learn more about Riza.

Linq by Jonathan Prestwich

The latest evolution of Linq takes the trademark design and refines both the look and feel to deliver increased flexibility and dynamic support. Since its initial introduction, Linq has been recognized for its flowing, organic shapes inspired by nature, intuitive mechanism and comfortable knit materials. This new edition of Linq remains faithful to the original concept while broadening the range of the collection from a casual task chair to a more elevated, fully upholstered conference seating option.

Learn more about Linq.

Sachet Lounge by jehs+laub

Joining the popular Sachet Collection, the Sachet Lounge mirrors the modern details and elegant silhouette of the original multipurpose chair while expanding on the perspective. This high and mid-back lounge provides optimum comfort and versatility by combining a tailored residential feel with a recognizable aesthetic for collaborative and lounge spaces across the office landscape. 

Learn more about Sachet Lounge.

Ariel Steel by Mario Ferrarini

Featuring the same unique silhouette as its complementary indoor seating line, the new Ariel Steel Collection includes a chair, counter-height and bar-height stool, all constructed specifically for outdoor spaces. An extension of the original Ariel series, this new design is outlined by a steel frame and accentuated by a perforated steel seat and back. As a result, Ariel and Ariel Steel embody a sense of modern playfulness while providing the perfect portfolio to furnish both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Learn more about Ariel Steel.

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